Chilli Garlic Mushrooms

We eat mushrooms fortnightly at least. Sometimes a curry with peas, sometimes in fried rice. I like how quickly they cook & how versatile they can be. You add them to omelettes, to rice, to salads…grill them, stuff them, throw they over pizza & so much more! Each time they result in a beautiful, meaty dish with that umami-ish feel in your mouth 😋 Garlic & mushrooms are a match made in heaven. They pair seamlessly & result in a stunning recipe every single time. Don’t you agree?
While browsing for more ideas on how to use mushrooms in ways other than how I usually cook with them, I came across a Chilli Garlic Mushroom recipe on It seemed like something I’d love because it had chilli, garlic & mushrooms..duh! So I gave it a try as a starter & yes, it worked!! The next time you get bored of the usual mushroom recipes, give this one a shot 😁 You’ll like it.

Chilli Garlic Mushrooms

Course: StartersCuisine: Indo-ChineseDifficulty: Easy


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A quick starter made with mushrooms, flavoured with chilli & garlic. Hits all the right spots!


  • Mushrooms: 1.5 cups; sliced

  • Garlic: 2tbsp; finely chopped

  • Onions: 1/2 cup; chopped

  • Curry leaves: 2 sprigs

  • Turmeric: 1/4tsp

  • Chilli powder: 1/2tsp

  • Oil

  • Salt to taste

  • To grind:

  • Onion: 1 small

  • Garlic: 10 cloves

  • Jeera (cumin seeds): 1tsp

  • Dry red chillies: 4


  • Grind the garlic, onions, red chilli & jeera to a fine paste.
  • Heat oil in a pan. Roast the chopped garlic & curry leaves. Now add chopped onions & fry till they turn golden brown. 
  • Then add the ground paste and mix well. Fry till the raw smell of the onion & garlic goes away. 
  • Next add the sliced mushrooms, salt, turmeric powder, chilli powder and mix well. 
  • Add a splash of water, cover & cook till mushrooms are soft (not soggy).
  • Remove the lid and fry further to make a dry starter or leave a semi-gravy consistency if you want to enjoy it with fried rice.


  • This dish can be made into a starter or a semi-gravy one.
  • Add/reduce chilli to suit your tastebuds. We love garlicky, spicy food!

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