Dahi Wale Aloo

What’s the soul connection between rains and deep fried food? Come monsoon & we crave for pakoras, fried papad, samosa, kachori, chhole bhature, pooris etc! Oh damn, I’m salivating already & I just has breakfast! Fried stuff has always been comfort food for me because I’ve literally been raised on it. Paranthas slathered with safed […]

Punjabi Kadhi Pakoda

For a Punjabi, the love for Rajma Chawal & Kadhi Chawal overrides the love for bae. Nope, it’s not a joke. It’s the ultimate truth. Give us our bowls of rajma/kadhi chawal & we’ll happily forget the world. These are like time machines that transport us back to simpler times; to childhood when meals were […]

Khatta Aam Panna

Come summer & there’s one thing that’s never missing from my refrigerator & that’s raw mangoes. I just LOVE them. Ambiya ki Chutney, Khatti Dal, Aam Panna, Bharwan Karele & Aam ka Achaar…there are so many ways in which I use the unripe mango! They’re such a delight to have as it is, sprinkled with […]

Aam ka Achaar

Punjabi food has a certain rawness about it. It’s robust, wholesome, packed with a punch of flavours & knocks off your socks, mostly! And when I say Punjabi food, I DO NOT mean Chicken Tikka Masala  🙄Come May, June…we Punjabis rush to make our favourite Aam ka Achaar (raw mango pickle). Usually every family has […]

Express Chicken Quesadillas

So, it’s just some chicken, veggies, cheese & tortilla. So what?No, it’s not just that. A good quesadilla takes a little patience & love to come together  😊 Agreed, it’s still one of the easier things to make if you have some leftover chicken in the fridge & about 20 minutes in hand. But, believe […]

Quick Aloo Fry

I’ve hardly met anyone who claims to dislike potatoes. They’re probably the most consumed vegetable in the world. From curries to chips, from mashed potatoes to fries, from salads to gnocchi, from baked to fried…the list is endless! The tuber is high in carbs but also in nutrients like potassium. And hey, we’re looking only […]

Green Chutney

A condiment loved by all! The modest Green Chutney uses common, minimal ingredients yet comes together in minutes. It adds flavour to almost any food item you can imagine. Heck, I’ve even had a bowl of pasta that I spiked with a fiery green chutney  😁 It’s a healthy addition to your meals, aids digestion […]

Lauki के Kofte

Don’t tell your kids it’s lauki, tell them these are vegetarian meatballs dunked in a luscious gravy  😉 These are actually so insanely delicious, they’ll happily gobble them up, I promise! Lauki ke Kofte are a delightful vegetarian main course item. They’re made with shredded lauki (bottle gourd), mixed with some crumbled cottage cheese, gram […]

Tomato Rasam

This is how we like our rasam. No, not me, I don’t like rasam at all. This is how S likes it, so this is how I make it. My version is thin, like a clear soup. There’s zero pulp but a burst of flavour, nevertheless 😀 And this is the ONLY way I make […]

Chia छास (Buttermilk with chia seeds)

What are your preferred summer beverages? I have a looong list! I love buttermilk, varieties of lassi, watermelon juice, good ol’ lemonade, chilled cold coffee, fresh lime soda, aam panna  😍, roohafza, mango shake, iced latte, an occasional Thumbs Up  😉, banta (although it’s not available where we are) & on top of my list […]


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