Bhuna Gosht

Bhuna Gosht is a very popular non-vegetarian recipe made with goat’s mutton, slow-cooked with a blend of spices & onions. This is a rich & aromatic dish where the mutton turns succulent with the bhuna (searing) style of cooking. It’s a fantastic main course item for when you host a party & want to impress your guests  😁 It pairs very well with naan, rumali roti or any other type of Indian bread.
Needless to say, the quality of ingredients should be top notch to get a good resulting bhuna gosht. Usually, the mutton leg cut is preferred for this recipe. Since a lot of whole spices are used here, it must be ensured that they are fresh & do not lack flavour or aroma. As we all know that mutton takes a long time to cook, some people prefer to make this in a pressure cooker & finish it off in an open pan. The husband doesn’t like pressure cooked meat so I make all non-vegetarian dishes in the good ol’ kadhai. It does take long, but the flavour & texture is always better  😊
Bhuna Gosht is certainly not your everyday go-to dish. But, it’s a remarkable treat for special occasions. So, next time when there’s a celebration or simply a get-together of friends, try out this recipe & blow everyone’s mind with the delicious-ness!

Bhuna Gosht

Course: MainCuisine: IndianDifficulty: Difficult


Prep time


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A flavourful dish made with goat meat cooked with onions & aromatic spices.


  • Mutton: 500gms (mutton leg; medium pieces)

  • Onions: 4; sliced

  • Ginger: 3″ piece; minced

  • Garlic: 8-10 cloves; minced

  • Green chilli: 2; minced

  • Curd: 1/2 cup

  • Coriander powder: 1.5tsp

  • Red chilli powder: 2tsp

  • Turmeric powder: 1/2tsp

  • Water: 200ml

  • Oil

  • Salt to taste

  • Fresh coriander for garnish

  • Fried onions for garnish

  • For the spice mix:

  • Dry red chillies: 4

  • Tej patta (bay leaf): 1

  • Nutmeg powder: 1/4tsp

  • Black cardamom: 1

  • Cinnamon: 1″ stick

  • Mace: 1/2tsp

  • Cloves: 4

  • Black peppercorns: 4

  • Cardamom: 3


  • Take a small pan & put in all the whole spices for the ‘spice mix’, in it. Dry roast on low flame. Once they cool down, grind them in a small mixer jar. Keep aside.
  • Wash the mutton nicely & pat dry with a kitchen towel.
  • Heat oil in a heavy bottomed kadhai. Add the sliced onions & fry on medium heat till they turn golden.
  • Now add the mutton pieces & sear them well. The meat will stick to the kadhai. Don’t worry, just keep splashing. alittle water in between to avoid that & keep bhuno-ing (that’s a legit word) the mutton.
  • The mutton will start browning. Add the minced ginger garlic , chilli & fry for a few more minutes on low flame.
  • Then add the turmeric & red chilli powder & mix well. Add another splash of water & bhuno till the meat browns properly & oil separates.
  • Now add the water & cover the kadhai & let the mutton cook on low heat. This will take about 45 minutes to an hour depending on the quality of the meat. Remember to keep checking & stirring in between.
  • After the meat is tender, add the whisked curd & continue to cook for 3-4 minutes. If you feel there’s excess water, turn the flame to medium high & let the water evaporate.
  • Now add the ground spice mix, about 2-3 heaped spoons & mix well. Fry for another 4 minutes.
  • Add chopped coriander & give a final mix to combine everything together.
  • Garnish with fried onions. The Bhuna Gosht is now ready to be served with naan, rumali or tandoori rotis  😁


  • Make sure the mutton is fresh & of good quality.
  • Dry spices are the heart of this dish. Don’t skimp & don’t use very old spices.
  • You can make this dish in ghee for a richer flavour.

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